Nutrients - Nutrition and Mental & Emotional Health

Nutrients – Nutrition and Mental & Emotional Health

Movement, sensation, emotion, and thought all use energy and nutrients for their processes. Neurotransmitter chemicals, hormones, and simply regenerating tissues require nutrients. Even thinking relies on biochemical processes. Everything we do or feel requires nutrients. Tension magnifies these demands. Health & Nutrients Essentials: What we call stress is a reaction to excess demands. The more […]

Nootropics for Focus and Attention - Nootropic side effects - Nootropics side effects

Nootropics Guide – FDA & Smart Drugs – Nootropic Side Effects

The secret is out: there are ways to boost your cognitive function legally and safely. Nootropics, a class of nutraceuticals, smart drugs, and dietary supplements, provide users with increased focus, enhanced short term memory, and improved clarity. Nootropic stacks – synergistic combinations of these compounds – have the added benefit of blending effects for a […]

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Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly, as it is commonly known, received its name for good reason. The substance is a secretion that comes from certain glands in honey bees. This secretion is gelatinous, and used to feed both the queen bee and young larvae. In fact, the only difference in development between a queen bee and a typical […]