Weight Loss Surgery Options – Bariatric Bypass Surgery and Others

Weight Loss Surgery Options: As a result of out of control eating habits and diets which include far too much sugar, oils, and fat, obesity and weight gain are ever-increasing issues today. Eating fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds – foods that are healthy for you – seem to be a thing of the past for far too many. So people are constantly searching for quick, easy and relatively painless answers to the problem. In some cases they even consider major procedures such as bariatric bypass surgery.

Weight loss surgeries, however, are not meant for someone who is slightly overweight and just needs to lose a few pounds. That includes someone who simply doesn’t like the idea of having to wait to see results from their efforts.

Fast weight loss is, of course, better than having to wait for weeks or months to fit into those smaller jeans. That includes following a strict diet that you probably hate, and exercise every day, which many people hate as well.

The surgery will help you lose weight initially by limiting the amount of food you can eat and digest. Still you will eventually have to follow a healthy diet plan as well as exercise to lose weight after that.

Potential Bariatric Surgery Complications

Any weight loss surgery should really be reserved for those who suffer from morbid obesity. The reason is simple: there are possible complications during or following the surgery. Many people have faced obesity for years and tried medications and weight loss diets that didn’t seem to work for them. They often feel like they need to look into some weight loss surgery options as an alternative solution to diet and exercise. Some see it possibly even as a last resort.

There are several different types of weight loss surgeries. Your surgeon is your best resource as to the type of procedure that may work best for your body type, weight loss needs, and lifestyle.

Talk to your doctor about this type of surgery. You should be prepared to ask him any questions you have about the procedure. Make him aware of all of your concerns. There are various processes that must be followed once the surgery is completed. Therefore your doctor will be able to make a better choice of surgery for you if he is aware of your doubts and concerns before hand.

As with any other surgical procedures, before you go through weight loss surgery you will be required to sign an informed consent form. It states that you understand the surgery, the consequences, the risks of the procedure, and possible side effects. The success rate for most of these types of surgeries is high. There are still potential risks and complications that you should be aware of and discuss with your doctor. Some complications are occasionally associated with most surgeries – including bariatric bypass surgery. Those are blood clots, gallstones, anemia, incision hernias, infections, and rarely even death.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

There are several options available that one might consider. Those include:

All of those come with their own list of possible complications and post surgical care.

Roux-en Y gastric bypassBefore a client will be eligible for any bariatric surgery, there are certain considerations that must be met. If you don’t meet these criteria it may increase your risks and problems, as compared to the possible improvements. In other words, if you have severe enough health issues or other problems that may be made worse than any improvements you could gain from the surgery, it’s probably best to seek other alternatives.

For instance, clients should be morbidly obese. That means that he or she should be at least 100 pounds over their ideal body weight. Weight loss surgery should not be considered for people who have less than 100 pounds to lose. There also might be medical problems that are associated with obesity such as diabetes, swelling, or pain. Any of those will improve the client’s qualifications, rather than disqualify them.

You Must Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery

Clients should have been struggling with the obesity for five or more years, and have a body mass index of 40 or greater. You should be able to demonstrate to your doctor that you have not been able to lose weight by other more conventional methods. He may ask that you make another attempt at losing weight using other weight loss diet plans or programs for six months while keeping a calendar or diary to record your efforts.

Not sure whether your insurance company covers the cost of gastric bypass surgery? Make sure and ask your insurer if you have the coverage. Armed with this knowledge, the client can negotiate a preset rate with the hospital and doctor before the surgery in order to keep the client cost down.

Prior to weight loss surgery, the doctor will be very clear about the risks and complications that can happen. They may also ask you to undergo a quick examination by a psychiatrist. They want to be certain that you are mentally stable enough to withstand the stressors following the surgery. You will have to make necessary changes to your lifestyle and behavior following the surgery.

Again, weight loss surgeries are an option for people who are morbidly obese. They have been for more than five years. They have had little to no success using other methods to lose weight. The success rate of weight loss surgeries may be high. The client must still prepare to make the necessary nutritional habits and lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off.

Bariatric surgery gives you the added advantage of decreased hunger pangs and a feeling of fullness faster than without the surgery. Ultimately the weight loss actually happens in the same way as with any other program – you eat less than you burn.

Weight loss surgeries do not remove food cravings or your particular relationship with food. Those issues must be addressed in order for this program to be successful. It’s a good idea, if possible, to talk to others who have had the surgery you are thinking about getting. Find out what complications, if any, they had and what their overall opinion of it is.

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